SketchUp Pro 2015 64-bit 15.3.331

The latest version of the powerful, user friendly 3D modeling software available for Windows

  • Category:

    3D Design

  • Version:

    64-bit 15.3.331

  • Works under:

    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows 8.1

  • Program available in:In English
  • Program license:Trial version
  • Vote:
    6.7 (17)

Sketchup Pro 64-bit is a 3D modeling software designed for use with Google Earth.

Get creative with Google Earth and Sketchup Pro 64-bit. As the name implies, it's for use with 64-bit computer versions and will work very well with the program Google Earth. In case you need a reminder, Google Earth is the remarkable program that pretty much lays out every corner of the world for you in real form. Its pictures are scattered throughout the world.

This is a professional version of the Sketchup line of software. If you're a professional, you need CAD software with more high-powered features than the at home version, and this certainly delivers. The advanced features give you more control and power over layouts, and you can add text and additional graphics to your creation.

While it's definitely sleek and professional, it's not necessarily confusing. It's a breath of fresh air to see a pro program that doesn't get boring. You'll see general terms like "push/pull" instead of the more technical "extrude," and this is a trend that runs throughout most of the program. There's a lot of power within the program, though. You'll get an extensive menu system that gives you the most advanced features available in 3D modeling software today, with extra palettes in your workspace to make things easier. There's also a handy "materials" palette that gives you a whopping 100 different presets to choose from. It's all included in the pro edition.

A few things could be better, though. The Extrude tool is definitely a hassle. Exporting to CAD can also cause trouble.


  • Very sleek interface
  • Lots of tools and materials to choose from
  • Works with Google Earth and is worthy of a true professional


  • Users complain about domed surface creation
  • Can be very tricky when exporting

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